Sweetwater Yoga and Fitness is located in the neighborhood Publix Shopping center at the intersection of Hunt Club & Wekiva Springs.


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Staff List

Shannon Kidwell

Creator/Director/Instructor of Core Integrated Alignment Yoga, Studio Co-Owner, Advisory Board Director, Brand Creator/Author/Speaker & Event Host for Fit Piglet's Freshitarian Lifestyle


Shannon's enthusiasm for wellness comes from a life long struggle with genetics and weight loss. Scaling her heaviest at just over 200 pounds in 1995, she has been working hard to maintain her healthy lifestyle, and inspiring others to love themselves enough to want to feel good and thrive. Previously, an avid runner and intense weight lifter, She has reconciled her intentions to finding a deeper inner peace and genuine presence, by reducing mental and emotional stress and unwinding physical tension with the self reflective, deeply transformational, healing practices of yoga. Shannon Kidwell, developed the brand, Core Integrated Alignment Yoga, to share how moving the body intelligently allows any level of practitioner, applying the appropriate anatomical actions to yoga asana, to receive the full physiological benefits of the practice, with a very reduced risk of injury. She is a Master Pilates & Yoga Instructor and Educator, Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Coach, Leadership Development Trainer, Freshitarian Certified Chef, Nutritional Counselor, and Author of Fit Piglets, Your Guide to the Freshitarian Lifestyle. She is looking forward to meeting you and is honored to share her excitement and experience at Camp NamaStay in St Augustine coming this October (4 day event) and then aboard the Celebrity Equinox in January 2018, (4 day event). Contact us for details! 

Richie Kidwell
Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor, Studio Co-Owner, Advisory Board Member
Richie Kidwell, co-owner of Sweetwater Yoga & Fitness, has both private and group fitness experience to include Yoga, Pilates Reformer, Bootcamp classes, TRX suspension, and personal training.   
Richie enjoys all the different styles of movement, but Yoga is his favorite. "It keeps me grounded and self aware. It also keeps my core strong, my joints stable, and reduces tension both physically and mentally," says Richie. He continues to grow both his personal and teaching practice under our Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Mentorship program. Anyone who has been to Richies classes agrees... he cultivates a a fun and challenging energy with a priority on mindful movement and anatomical alignment, accessible to all levels of practitioners. Oh... and let's not forget... he loves handstands! 
Andrea Johnson
Customer Service Associate
As a compliment to Andrea's love of running, yoga has proved to be an essential component as well. She is dedicated to clean eating, has adapted a vegan(ish) lifestyle, and has a love for cooking. Andrea graduated from ASU with a degree in Finance. Just moving from Nashville, she currently resides in the Sweetwater area with her husband, 3 children, and their miniature dachshund.
Christy Burnette
Massage Therapist
Christy specializes in Medical, Sports, and Deep Tissue massage. She also has experience in Prenatal and Children's massage.Christy started off in the medical field working at Orlando Regional Medical Center as an advanced clinical technician in the Neurology unit while in nursing school. She eventually decided to change directions and enroll in the massage program at Florida College of Natural Health. While there, she received her associates degree and studied Sports massage and Neuromuscular therapy.
Her first job was at a chiropractor's office near University of Central Florida (UCF), where she had the opportunity to work with UCF football and track athletes. She has also worked with several physical therapy/orthopedic offices where she worked alongside the physical therapists. Over the years she gained experience working with professional waterskiers, golfers, runners, boxers, football players, Olympic hopefuls, triathletes, senior citizens, children, pregnant women, cancer patients, burn victims and patients with other various injuries.
Riley Gillette
Front Desk Manager & Customer Service Associate 
Karen Chase
Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor, Senior Student Teacher Mentor, Advisory Board Member
Karen's relationship with yoga began in 2007 while she was pregnant with her second child, Finn. With an emergent toddler at home, she looked forward to the beautiful space cultivated during yoga, allowing her time to connect with her baby boy in utero, while reaping the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of practice. Though the demands of her expanding family caused a temporary “breakup” with yoga, Karen eventually returned to her practice as a compliment to her fitness regimens and was happy to finally introduce yoga to her family.
Karen began her teaching practice during her YTT program with CoreWorks Institute, and then immediately following graduation, she joined the Sweetwater Yoga Teaching Tribe. Karen believes very strongly in the power of yoga to be a catalyst to both physical and emotional healing as well as to foster a greater spiritual connection. Karen gears her classes to all levels and uses an empowering approach which allows practitioners the opportunity to fully explore all dimensions of yoga in a compassionate and nurturing environment while honoring their individual needs and desires.
Karen is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with almost 10 years experience in providing hospice care. She embraces the beautiful irony of leaving a career which supported people on a path to a pain-free, peaceful, and dignified death to helping people live a full and vibrant life through the ancient and honorable practice of yoga. Off the mat, Karen enjoys multiple forms of fitness; spending time with her husband Leif and their three children; photography; live music; gardening; and the art of Zendoodle.
Whitney Hintze
Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor & Senior Student Teacher Mentor 
Whitney has always had a deep love for movement and fitness and has been active and involved in sports for most of her life. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from the University of Florida and then she moved to Chicago where her love affair with yoga began. Over time, her passion for the practice grew into a silent dream - she wanted to be a yoga teacher! Soon enough, when she moved back to Florida and started practicing at Sweetwater Yoga and Fitness, her dream was coming to fruition. Surrounded by community and Intrigued by their upcoming Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Teacher Training, she signed up, showed up, competed the 7 month course, and was invited to join the Sweetwater Yoga Teaching Tribe. "It was everything I thought it would be and more. Sharing yoga is such an honorable position and I absolutely love guiding people to to their own individual experience," says Whitney. In addition to being a Certified Yoga Teacher, Whitney's other credentials include Pilates Teacher and Spinning Instructor. She has embraced self study and is enjoying the creative processes along this ever growing, ever changing journey of Yoga and draws from her unending well of enthusiasm to share her passion for life others.
Nicole LaNeve
Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor & Student Teacher Mentor
As a former dancer, Nicole loves all movement and dabbled in yoga for many years before finding her yoga home. Once she truly committed to her yoga practice, she was amazed by the physical, emotional and spiritual gifts the practice cultivated, and felt compelled to share them with others. Nicole recently completed her Yoga Alliance 200-hour certification with CoreWorks Institute. She is incredibly drawn to the fluidity of vinyasa flow with an inward focus and is passionate about creating a warm, welcoming space that allows students of all levels to connect with their bodies and explore and discover their alignment and intuition.
Heather Kennedy
Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor, Senior Student/Teacher Mentor, Community Manager & Customer Service Coordinator, Assistant to Fit Piglet's Team Freshitarian  
I had been practicing yoga for about 3 years when I walked into Sweetwater Yoga & Fitness and instantly fell in love!  The community was so warm and inviting and the yoga felt good on my achy body. I love it so much and am excited to share this brand of yoga with the Sweetwater and Parkside communities. Im not sure where this path is leading me, but the life changing experiences and devoted and uplifting friendships I've found here have encouraged me in ways that are unexplainable. I can't wait to share space with you! See you in class! 
Sam Wolff
Customer Service Associate 
Yvette Durham
Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor & Senior Student/Teacher Mentor
Yvette is a British/American who’s made Sweetwater her home since 2014 with her husband and two lovely children. She’s lived in several parts of England, including London, where she completed her English Literature Degree at the University of Roehampton. Formerly a Flight Attendant, Yvette met her husband (now a retired US Army soldier) in Sierra Leone, Africa. She’s been a proud military wife, stationed in Germany twice, Kansas and Colorado.
Yvette knew she’d stumbled across something very special in 2008, lying in savasana during her first yoga class. Since then she’s had a dedicated yoga practice, delving into varying braches including Ashtanga, Kundalini and Hatha. Her passion for spirituality and physical wellness inspired her to create a blog, leading to several published articles. Yvette recently became a yoga teacher, completing 200 hours of Core Integrated Alignment Yoga, at Sweetwater Yoga & Fitness. Facilitating yoga enables Yvette to celebrate her love of writing, travel, angel therapy, aromatherapy and meditation to create a sacred and nurturing ambience for students.
Amber Williams
Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor & Senior Student/Teacher Mentor & Pilates Reformer Specialist

Amber is a woman that has a diverse subset of passions; when she’s not practicing yoga she’s a mother of two beautiful girls, a wife and a registered dental hygienist. The glue holding it together is centered in her faith and her deep introspective awareness she’s made through yoga. Her journey to find this practice was quite beautiful and all started when she moved to Orlando in 2008 where she met her future husband, Kyle. They soon were married and started a family. The American dream was coming true but after the birth of her first child she was searching for a renewed physical and emotional connection. She did something pretty cool: she went to a yoga class - by herself. This was the beginning of a new chapter in Amber’s life and carried over into her eventual yoga home at Sweetwater. Yoga offers many gifts, one of which brings about a new realization, helping her to recognize energetic parts of herself that she didn’t know were there. Yoga gives us all the opportunity to explore our authenticity and cultivate mindfulness and intuition. This practice continues to inspire and nurture the desires of Ambers heart and she is honored and excited to share her personal journey and enthusiasm with the Sweetwater/Parkside communities. 
Desiree Loy
Customer Service Associate
Laurie Hickman
Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor & Senior Student/Teacher Mentor

Laurie fell in love with yoga at her very first class. What kept her coming back to the mat was the repeated experience of relaxation, clarity and heartfelt joy that she left with after every session. When she signed up for Yoga Teacher Training, her intention was simply to improve her poses. It wasn't far into the immersion that she realized what she found was too good not to share it with others. Laurie says, "Teaching yoga and being a part of this tribe and community has become such a rich part of my life. I am really excited about sharing with the Parkside Yoga & Fitness yogis! Additionally, I am a UCF graduate with a degree in Marketing and worked in advertising sales. I am a grateful wife and mother of 2 beautiful children and enjoy exercising, cooking, board games, traveling, and spending time with my family at the beach. This practice is so special to me... I can't wait to share it with you!" 
Bree Howells
Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor & Customer Service Associate
Fascinated by the study of yoga and moving meditation, Bree dove head first into her yoga practice three years ago. After dabbling in various studios and styles across Central Florida, it became clear that Sweetwater Yoga and Fitness was where her heart felt like home.   Bree's zealous soul strives to hold a sacred space of personal acceptance and deeper exploration of body, mind, and spirit for each individual that she has the pleasure of guiding. She encourages practitioners to discover their own potential, personal power and authenticity. As a devoted Flow Arts Performer, Bree's joyful heart shines so bright when she shares her passions through teaching both Core Integrated Alignment Yoga and the splendid art of Hoop Dance (hula hoop tutorials). As an up and coming community leader, her enthusiasm and determination are contagious! Bree's classes are safe, accessible, and fun with a compassionate and challenging approach. You can find her at two of Central Florida's finest communities, Parkside Yoga & Fitness in Apopka and Sweetwater Yoga & Fitness in Longwood.   "My intention is to inspire people who feel hesitant to start; to take that first step and walk into the room, just as you are. Leave the rest to me. It would be my honor and pleasure to guide you." ~ Bree 
Hunter Wolff
While finishing out her last few years at Lake Brantley High School, Hunter worked part time at the studio running the front desk. Before graduating high school, she completed the CoreWorks Institute 200Hour Yoga Teacher Training program and is now sharing her passion for yoga with both the Sweetwater Yoga & Fitness community when she's in town, and in the Gainesville community when away at school. 
Liz Hill
Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor 
Throughout her life, Liz has consistently pursued physical activities. As a former high school athlete competing in multiple sports, physical activity has always been a primary part of her daily routine. Liz has always thrived on pushing herself beyond self-imposed limits.
Having raised three beautiful children into adults while taking on the challenges of life, Liz was naturally attracted to the peace and solitude of yoga. Once she began practicing and experiencing the physical and mental benefits of yoga, Liz became desirous to share with others.
As a registered nurse of twenty five plus years, compassion and caring have always been at the core of Liz’s well-being. As a result, she became passionate to extend her care for others through yoga.
Liz enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, hiking, biking, and painting.
Lesley Cheema
Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor

Lesley has always led an active lifestyle from her passion as a soccer player growing up, to playing squash and most recently as a Zumba instructor. You name it she has tried it. Through her journey with physical activities, she spent quite a few hours in and out of different yoga studios until the day she entered Sweetwater Yoga and Fitness. Something was different... she was refreshed and felt free in this environment.

As an engineer who turned to the mat for corporate stress management, she became aware of the remarkable gifts of this practice, (reducing tension, gaining clarity, relaxation, core strengthening, broader perspective, and a sense of rejuvenation), and grew a desire to share it with others, so she decided to take her practice to the next level and become a teacher. 

Lesley is thrilled to share her passion for CIA Yoga with the Sweetwater/Parkside communities and is looking forward to greeting and guiding you on the mat soon! 


Aiden Akerson
Customer Service Associate 
Marcella Freeman
Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor
Ross Schmadebeck
Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor

Ross immediately fell in love with the physical and mental health benefits of yoga in early 2015 through a friend and fellow practitioner of Sweetwater Yoga and Fitness. A member of the Central Florida community for more than a decade, and a native Florida Keys Conch, he works full time as a digital marketer and communicator translating those skills into his practice, instruction and daily life interactions.

An avid traveler, photographer, music lover and culinary explorer, Ross is excited to share his love of yoga with the community and contribute to the beautiful gift Parkside Yoga and Fitness has been to Apopka.

“I trust life to be wonderful, because it is," says Ross. 

Susan Chimento
Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor
Barbara Miller
Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor & Y12SR Certified Teacher
Carlie Cooper
Customer Service Associate


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