Sweetwater Yoga and Fitness is located in the neighborhood Publix Shopping center at the intersection of Hunt Club & Wekiva Springs.


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Barbara Miller

Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor & Y12SR Certified Teacher

Barbara has always made nutrition and exercise a priority in life but had only dabbled in yoga along the way. In 2016 she was faced with a tragic, life changing experience that completely rocked her world. Her son, who had struggled with addiction, was the DUI driver in a crash that resulted in the death of a young woman. As she began the process of slowly piecing life back together, she turned to yoga for its many healing benefits. Soon after, she felt a deep calling to help others. Prior to the accident, she had learned that many addiction treatment facilities were incorporating yoga and mindfulness/meditation as treatment modalities. She obtained certification in what is called Y12SR ~ Yoga 12 Step Recovery (a blend of AA 12-step program with yoga) and then began her CIA Yoga Teacher Training with Shannon at Sweetwater.
Little did she know that when she stumbled into Sweetwater Yoga and Fitness she would have another life changing experience!! Not only did she find the BEST yoga in town, she found a welcoming, knowledgeable, supportive Teaching Tribe and an amazing yoga community that nurtured her along her path to healing. She feels blessed to be part of the Teaching Tribe and is excited share CIA yoga with the community. She feels honored to be able to offer Y12SR and be a guide to those struggling with addiction and/or those affected by addicted loved ones.
Barbara is married and has two grown sons. Originally from Indiana, she holds a BS degree from Indiana University in Public/Nonprofit and Community Recreation. She loves the outdoors, gardening and has a passion for cooking and healthy eating.

Barbara Miller is currently not instructing any classes.